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Tool Talk: ripgen

In our fifth edition of the Tool Talk series, we explore ripgen, a subdomain discovery tool designed to significantly increase permutation combinations.

As attack surfaces continue to expand at an immeasurable rate, so do subdomain takeovers. In fact, recent research found that domain takeovers grew 20% faster with the increase in attack surface, and of the number of scanned apex and subdomains from 2020 to 2021, vulnerabilities increased as much as 25%.

Uncovering subdomain permutations is a critical task for security practitioners to understand and gain visibility into the potential assets of an organization’s attack surface, preventing attackers from gaining exploitation opportunities and footholds into networks.

Watch the webcast on demand to see ripgen, one of our favorite open-source tools, in action and learn how to stretch your knowledge of subdomain permutations.

In our fifth edition of the Tool Talk series, we explored ripgen to discover:

  • The basics – what is ripgen and how does it work
  • A demo showcasing ripgen
  • How our teams use it

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