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How Does Social Engineering Work? From Planning to Execution

Join our webcast as we navigate the complex terrain of social engineering, offering insights into its various stages from planning to execution, common phishing techniques, and the necessity of ongoing vigilance and proactive strategies to combat this pervasive issue.

In our technologically advanced society, social engineering poses a significant and growing threat. On average, organizations experience 700 social engineering attacks each year. Our comprehensive webcast will guide you through the intricate labyrinth of social engineering, demystifying its multifaceted stages from the initial planning to the final execution. Understand that social engineering is not merely an industry jargon but a pervasive reality that impacts us all, frequently unbeknownst to us.

Join our session to hear Dardan Prebreza, Senior Security Consultant, explore:

  • What social engineering is, including the most common phishing methods that are using to social engineer humans
  • How planning, OSINT, and profiling is conducted
  • Tools used for email-based phishing, smishing (SMS phishing) and vishing (voice phishing)
  • Innovative techniques that our Red Team has been deploying in recent months

With social engineering and phishing techniques evolving at a rapid pace, it's challenging to stay abreast of the latest tactics used by threat actors. That’s why organizations should view social engineering not as a one-off activity, but as a continuous process requiring constant vigilance and proactive strategies. Join us to stay updated and strengthen your defenses against social engineering attacks.

Darden BF Headshot

About the speaker, Dardan Prebreza

Senior Security Consultant

Dardan Prebreza (OSCP) is a Senior Security Consultant at Bishop Fox. In this role, Dardan focuses on red teaming, internal and external network penetration testing, as well as, web and cloud penetration testing.

Prior to joining Bishop Fox, Dardan was a consultant at Ernst & Young Belgium, part of the Ernst & Young Advanced Security Center. Dardan's responsibilities included performing penetration testing for the financial sector.

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