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RFID Hacking: Over-the-head Move - Stealing Badges w Tastic RFID Thief

The Tastic RFID Thief can be concealed in a briefcase or messenger bag, and used to silently steal the proximity badge information from an unsuspecting employee as they physically walk near the concealed device. Learn how to get full coverage of all pockets as you walk by your target.


So pretty cool right? So, this tool you can see I got a few things in my bag. Already fits easily in a briefcase. A messenger bag somebody that you could just turn it on it beeps. When you first turn it on so, do it in the parking lot or something. But after that, it's completely silent, and you can just walk by people. And as long as you get within a few feet of them, you can effectively pick up any badge information that they have on them. I like to have it - you have the shoulder strap if you're not sure where they have the card on them. If it's in a pocket, you kind of like walk by them and take it off as you're doing it and get the full body range from all pockets. And in doing this, it's a pretty simple solution in weaponizing an actual badge reader. It solves that problem of that first of three steps stealing the information to begin with. I've been able to train some of our staff in 10 minutes. Here's the on button. It's on the back. Put it in there, and you know, open the text file.

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