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RFID Hacking: Intro to Tastic RFID Thief

Introducing the TasticRFID Thief - a long range RFID hacking tool.

Watch how you can scan RFID badge information from several feet away using the Tastic RFID Thief tool.


This is the Tastic RFID Fhief, a tool that will allow us to pick up RFID badge information from several feet away. See here is a standard prox card badge, which is badge number 6339, and we can see that the tool will allow us to pick it up from several feet away. So, we see that it is a 2- bit card facility code, 113 card 6339, and it even has the fully forged hexadecimal version of the card. Although we would need to clone a copy of that card, the reader itself is a standard long-distance reader that you'd find in a parking garage. It's about a foot by a foot and an inch deep with a missile switch on the back. It is self-powered and completely portable. It could easily be concealed in a briefcase or messenger bag to silently steal badge information as you walk by someone.

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