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RFID Hacking: Distance Limitation - Proxmark3

Distance limitation of traditional RFID hacking tools. Stealing card info with the Proxmark3.

Watch this video and see how close you really need to be to hack someone's badge information.


This is the Proxmark. This is an artifact hacking tool you could buy - by far the most popular. We have it plugged into my laptop here via USB, and then get another cable. There's the antenna, and we see that right now we are running the Poxmark. And where we have we have it in listening mode, it's trying to read right now, so as we can see it still does not see the card even at this range. So, I'll keep going down keep going down getting closer to the antenna, closer still until there we go, 6 3 3 9. we have to be within probably about an inch right here before it actually starts picking up the badge information, 6 3 3 9. So, this is about how close you have to get to somebody on their person to be able to effectively use this tool to steal their information, which is a little too close for comfort if you ask me.

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