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Pwning the Domain with Sliver Framework

Senior security expert Jon Guild demonstrates how to use the Sliver C2 framework to develop advanced offensive security skills. Arm yourself with the knowledge and skills of enumeration, lateral movement, and escalation techniques from first-hand experience in a vulnerable lab environment.

Mastering the art of adversarial emulation with the most cutting-edge and advanced techniques is one of the keys to success for penetration testers. A definitive hallmark of an experienced ethical hacker is a meticulously crafted toolkit. But with an overwhelming array of tools at your disposal, how do you determine where to focus your efforts?

During our exclusive livestream, watch how our renowned senior security expert, Jon Guild, leverages Bishop Fox’s Sliver, an open-source Red Team framework created by fellow Foxes Joe Demesy & Ronan Kervella, to refine his offensive security strategies and techniques. Gain valuable insights from Jon's first-hand experience in a vulnerable lab environment, covering pivotal techniques such as enumeration, lateral movement, and escalation. Be ready to level up your hacking skills at the conclusion of this training session with actionable tips and tricks.

Join us to uncover the untapped potential of Sliver and take your offensive security skills to new heights. You’ll have the opportunity to dive into the world of Sliver and learn:

  • How to pwn the domain using Sliver
  • Techniques for developing and refining technical methodologies using the Sliver framework
  • A live demo highlighting Jon’s Sliver knowledge and expertise

Jon Guild

About the speaker, Jon Guild

Senior Security Consultant

Jon Guild is focused on application security and external penetration testing in Consulting Managed Services at Bishop Fox. Jon holds many cybersecurity certifications including: CISSP, OSEP, OSCP, GCIH, GWAPT, and CRTO. A veteran of the United States Air Force from 2013-2017, Jon served as a Cyberspace Operations Officer, tasked with managing and protecting one of the world's largest active directory networks. When he's not consulting or protecting critical data systems from digital threats, Jon also actively participates in CTFs and vulnerable lab training. Jon graduated with honors from Penn State in 2013.

More by Jon

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