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Featured Livestream

Bishop Fox Livestream at DEF CON 32

Join us for a livestream from DEF CON 32 to hear seasoned hackers and cybersecurity experts inspire and empower the tech community to reclaim the security landscape through active engagement and innovation.

Black and dark purple background with speaker headshot on left side. Teal background in speaker headshot. White and teal letters.

GWT Java Deserialization: Unpatched and Unauthenticated

Watch our exclusive livestream with Ben Lincoln, Managing Principal at Bishop Fox, to learn about GWT web application vulnerabilities, exploitation strategies, and security enhancement recommendations.

Pwing the Domain with Silver Framework with purple and black background.

Pwning the Domain with Sliver Framework

Senior security expert Jon Guild demonstrates how to use the Sliver C2 framework to develop advanced offensive security skills. Arm yourself with the knowledge and skills of enumeration, lateral movement, and escalation techniques from first-hand experience in a vulnerable lab environment.

Training session title: Swagger Jacker Training about improved auditing of OpenAPI Definition Files with the headshot os security consultant Tony West, a Bishop Fox adversarial operator.

Swagger Jacker: Improved Auditing of OpenAPI Definition Files

Discover the power of Swagger Jacker, an open-source audit tool designed to improve inspection of unintentionally exposed OpenAPI definition files for penetration testers.

Video thumbnail featuring the speaker headshot, Jon Guild, and the title of the webcast: How to Ace the OSEP exam with the Sliver Framework.

Ace the OSEP Exam with Sliver Framework

Unlock the secrets of passing the OSEP exam with our senior security expert, Jon Guild. Join us as Jon shares his invaluable tips and tricks for conquering this benchmark exam designed for penetration testers.

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OWASP ASVS: Unlocking Stronger Application Security

Join offensive security expert Shanni Prutchi in this livestream as she shares her analysis of the 278 verification requirements listed in OWASP's Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS). Learn how to generate test cases and gain insights to effectively test your applications against the standard.

Dark purple background with headshots of speakers Erez Yalon, Vandana Verma, and Joylynn Kirui, Bishop Fox logo, and title: The Art of Hacking, Hacker's Arsenal in AppSec.

"Hacker's Arsenal in AppSec" Session - DEF CON 31

In this session, we investigate how applications are the beating heart of the digital realm, and as hackers, we know just how to make them skip a beat.

Video thumbnail featuring the three panelist headshots: Matt Johansen, Andrew Martin, and Moses Frost.

"Exploiting the Cloud" Session - DEF CON 31

In this session, we take a deep dive into the cloud's underbelly, exploring its vulnerabilities and exploiting its weaknesses.

Dark purple background with four panelists headshots in center, the Bishop Fox logo on top, and the title: "Tha Art Of Hacking.

"Mastering Your Tools Session" - DEF CON 31

In this session, learn from Bishop Fox experts who are at the cutting-edge of developing tools, technologies, and methodologies which they use to uncover vulnerabilities and offer guidance to some of the most elite organizations worldwide.

Video thumbnail featuring the three panelists: Barrett Darnell, Savannah Lazzara, and Wesley Thurner.

"Red Teaming" Session - DEF CON 31

In this session, learn the secrets of stealthy infiltration, master the latest attack vectors, and discover how to communicate your findings like a true hacker.

Video thumbnail; featuring the headshot of Chris Kirsch in center, the Bishop Fox logo and the title: "The Art of Hacking".

An Interview with Chris Kirsch, CEO & Co-Founder of runZero - DEF CON 31

In this session, hear from Chris Kirsch, CEO and co-founder of runZero.

Headshot of Tom Hudson, Senior Security Engineer at Bishop Fox, Bishop Fox logo, and the tilte: "The Art of Hacking".

An Interview with Tom Hudson, Senior Security Engineer at Bishop Fox - DEF CON 31

In this session, we talk with Tom Hudson who is a Senior Security Engineer at Bishop Fox, where he is part of the Capability Development team for Cosmos.

Dark purple background with photo of Chloe Messdaghi in the center.

An Interview with Chloe Messdaghi, Head of Threat Research at Protect AI - DEF CON 31

In this session, hear from Chloé Messdaghi, an accomplished security executive with a proven track record of advising and developing solutions.

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