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How to Write Like It's Your Job

Presentation from BSides San Francisco 2020 offers practical advice for security writers.

Presentation by Bri Hughes at BSides San Francisco 2020

Hackers thought they could avoid formal essays, but SURPRISE! They still have to write about exploits.

And writing is hard. But it's ok, this presentation offers help with practical advice for security writers - how to start and finish, tools to consider, and what to check for to present professional work.

What's inside:

  • The First Draft
  • Space
  • Need More?
  • The New Plan

Brianne Hughes

About the author, Brianne Hughes

Technical Marketing Writer

Brianne Hughes, a Bishop Fox alumna, is a technical marketing writer. Brianne led the compilation and curation of the Bishop Fox Cybersecurity Style Guide. She has spoken at CactusCon, SOURCE Mesa, and DSNA-21 about the guide. She designed and hosted SpellCheck: The Hacker Spelling Bee (based on the style guide) at The Circle of HOPE in 2018 and DEF CON 26. Brianne pursues research on cutthroat compound words and shares her linguistic findings at conferences. She is Assistant Executive Secretary for the Dictionary Society of North America (DSNA), an Odd Salon Fellow, and is on the board of directors for Wordnik Society, Inc.

Prior to joining Bishop Fox, Brianne worked as a freelance copy editor and as a technical editor for IHS Inc. Brianne holds a Master of Linguistics from the University of York.

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