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Attacking the Data Before the Decision

Presentation from BSides Tampa 2020 explores the vulnerabilities of machine learning systems and how to mitigate them.

Presentation by Rhett Greenhagen at BSides Tampa 2020

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are emerging as leading technologies when it comes to how data is ingested into graph database management systems such as Neo4j, MongoDB, Cassandra, ArangoDB, Orient DB, Titan, JanusGraph, etc.. One way to manipulate this data leverages said technologies: adversarial modeling/machine learning. And, yes, the bad guys know about it.

This presentation shares examples of how nation-state actors and cybercriminals are using this method – and how you can defend yourself.


About the author, Rhett Greenhagen

Senior Security Associate

Rhett Greenhagen was a Senior Security Associate at Bishop Fox, where he served as a member of the research and development team. Rhett has over a decade of red teaming and network security experience. His focuses encompass open source intelligence, cyber counterintelligence, profiling, exploitation, and malware analysis in addition to technical research and development. An accomplished speaker, Rhett has spoken at numerous conferences, such as Black Hat USA and DEF CON on a variety of security and related topics.

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