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Helping drive quality and security in your software with consulting, coaching, and learning opportunities.

Improving software through agile and DevOps engineering

Coveros helps organizations achieve business results by delivering solutions with greater speed, flexibility, and quality than traditional approaches. Using agile project management and software assurance best practices, they deliver mission-critical software to market on-time and on-budget. The Coveros approach maximizes return on investment by delivering the highest business value needs early. Whether building a go-to-market strategy, improving the efficiency of your software process, assessing your software for business risk, or delivering mission-critical code, Coveros is focused on helping you assure business results with quality software.


Agile / DevOps Transformation
Coveros has helped organizations of all sizes transition to agile or DevOps for more than a decade. Their certified consultants have experience with a wide range of methodologies and frameworks including Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme Programming (XP), Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Scrum of Scrums, and many others. Coveros can help you build integrated teams with the right skills to deliver and maintain software, as well as augment your teams during transformation. Learn more about their transformation approach >

Agile Development
For more than a decade, Coveros has been building security- and mission-critical applications using agile. Whether you are looking for someone to design, build, test, and deploy your applications completely or blend in with your teams to accelerate your delivery, Coveros can help. Read more >

Agile Testing and Automation
Under pressure to improve quality and shorten the delivery cycle? Coveros can help. Their experienced test and automation engineers can work in any environment, regardless of methodology or tooling, to improve your current testing efforts. While some organizations advocate an “automate everything” methodology, Coveros helps you find the ideal balance between manual and automated testing. Learn more about their approach >

DevOps Engineering
Coveros DevOps experts can work directly with your team to help improve deployment frequency, lead time, failure rate, and time to recovery. Their engineers can help choose and set up the right platforms to support your software delivery, as well as build static analysis, dynamic testing, and security assessment tools into your CI/CD pipeline so that your software is ready to ship every day. Read more >

Coveros has significant DevSecOps experience, helping organizations both implement DevOps with security in mind and integrating security capabilities into existing DevOps processes. Their experts can help you both define and implement a DevSecOps program, as well as find threats and vulnerabilities in your code using threat modeling, static code analysis, dynamic security testing, software component analysis, and penetration testing. Learn more about their comprehensive security services >

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