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Bishop Fox is coming to Talent Land in a big way. Join us in Guadalajara, Mexico for one of the summer’s largest conferences. We are proud to be a Gold sponsor. Test your skills in our Capture the Flag competition, attend our presentations, and stop by our booth in the Talent Hackathon area where you'll meet our Foxes, learn about life in the Fox Den, and pick up some awesome Bishop Fox swag (hint: we’re giving away t-shirts, so make our booth your first stop).

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Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition

Put your knowledge and skills to the test. This exciting CTF will challenge you in “Jeopardy” style. Finish the competition with the most points to win! The CTF will start at the beginning of Talent Land on July 20 and lasts until the final day of the event. Get the inside scoop on Wednesday, July 20, from Noon – 1 p.m. when we take over the stage in the Hackathon area.
Stop by our booth in the Hackathon area to meet our Foxes, including our recruiters and consultants, to learn what it’s like to work in the Fox Den and pick up awesome swag.

Booth Hours:
Wednesday, July 20 – Friday, July 22: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday, July 23: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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Title: Emerging Threats

Presenters: Daniel Sanchez and Ivan Gonzalez

Date: Friday, July 22

Time: Noon

Location: Hackathon Stage


You know you could be hacked even though you just made a deep compliance check and a pen test? Well, the reason behind this are emerging threats!

Emerging threats are new vulnerabilities that arise every now and then that usually has a high or critical severity criteria. These vulnerabilities could possibly compromise the host or the entire network, depending on the vulnerability. In this presentation you will discover how does an emerging threats forms, how to approach them and some of the most famous threats from this and past year, such as: Log4J, Spring4shell and jira auth bypass (CVE-2022-0540)

Title: Reasonably Secure Electron

Presenter: Joe DeMesy

Date: Saturday, July 23

Time: 5 p.m.

Location: Developer Land Stage

Presenter: Joe DeMesy


We'll examine how various Electron exploitation techniques work, focusing primarily on cross-site scripting-remote code execution, and then dive into how to design applications that can provide robust defenses against these types of attacks.

Master Class

Presenters: Carlos Canedo and Areli Ch Duran

Date: Wednesday, July 20

Time: Noon

Location: Hackathon Stage

Join Bishop Fox managing consultant, Carlos Canedo as he highlights what you need to know to be successful at the Talent Hackathon Capture the Flag. Next, Bishop Fox recruiter Areli Ch Duran will join the Master Class to chat with our Foxes about life in the Fox Den. 

Joe demesy

About the speaker, Joe DeMesy


Joe DeMesy is a Principal at Bishop Fox. Joe is an expert in red teaming, secure development, proficient in several programming languages, and is a leading contributor to various open source projects. Joe is a noted expert in the field of information security, having been quoted in MarketWatch, NPR, InformationWeek, and Dark Reading. He has also presented his research at conferences such as BSidesLV, Kiwicon, BlackHat and private conferences hosted by the US Department of Defense.
More by Joe

Daniel Sanchez Negrete

About the speaker, Daniel Sanchez

Adversarial Operator 1

Daniel Sanchez (OSCP, OSWE) is an Adversarial Operator at Bishop Fox and is responsible for delivering value to customers by providing known information about vulnerabilities through exploitation and documentation on their attack surface, before adversaries do, at scale. Daniel has extensive experience in network, web, and mobile penetration testing and social engineering.

More by Daniel

Headshot BF Ivan Gonzalez

About the speaker, Ivan Gonzalez

Analyst, Managed Security Services

Ivan Gonzalez (GCTI) is a surface intelligence analyst at Bishop Fox where he is responsible for delivering value to customers by discovering and mapping the customers' attack surface and analyzing it for vulnerabilities to deliver as informed investigations for the Adversarial Operations (AO) team. He specializes in using OSINT and bug bounty techniques to find resources and threats for customers. Ivan has an extensive experience in OSINT, threat intelligence deception and purple teaming exercises.

More by Ivan

Headshot BF Carlos Canedo

About the speaker, Carlos Cañedo

Managing Consultant III

Carlos Canedo is a Managing Consulant III at Bishop Fox. His areas of expertise are web application penetration testing (static and dynamic) and network penetration testing (internal and external). He also has extensive experience with mobile application assessments and social engineering. Carlos has performed penetration tests supporting a variety of industries including: smart security, transportation, K-12 education, and banks. Carlos holds a Bachelor's in Information Technology from Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Sinaloa.

More by Carlos

Areli Ch Duran

About the speaker, Areli Ch Duran

Technical Recruiter

Areli Ch Duran is a Technical Recruiter at Bishop Fox. Her experience includes human resources management, talent acquisition, capacity planning, recruitment, staffing, and candidate experience. She specializes in recruiting qualified candidates in software development, cybersecurity, information technology, and education. Areli is looking for all the talented white-hat hackers and offensive security experts in Mexico for our team expansion.

More by Areli

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