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Livestream from DEF CON 31

The Art of Hacking

Friday, August 11, 2023 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. PT
Live on LinkedIn, Twitter, & YouTube

At its core, hacking is an art form that encompasses creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge, with hackers often regarded as the vanguards of innovation with an unyielding drive to unravel the complexities of technology. If you identify as a hacker or aspire to join the ranks of these digital pioneers, we invite you to our livestream at DEF CON 31: “The Art of Hacking.”

During our broadcast, seasoned hackers and cybersecurity experts will delve deep into the intricacies of ethical hacking and explore how the hacker spirit can be harnessed to push the boundaries of technology in a responsible and impactful manner

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The Art of Hacking Live from DefCon Friday August 11th.

Hear from 20+ Renowned Hackers & Cyber Experts

Tune In As We Explore:

    • Red Teaming: Unleash your inner adversary and delve into the thrilling world of red teaming. Learn the secrets of stealthy infiltration, master the latest attack vectors, and discover how to communicate your findings like a true hacker. 
    • Exploiting the Cloud: The cloud, a playground filled with untapped potential and hidden treasures for hackers. In this session, we'll take a deep dive into the cloud's underbelly, exploring its vulnerabilities and exploiting its weaknesses. Hear how experts uncover misconfigurations, infiltrate cloud-based environments, and unleash havoc in a controlled, responsible manner.
    • Hacker's Arsenal in AppSec: Applications are the beating heart of the digital realm, and as hackers, we know just how to make them skip a beat. Join us as we unlock the secrets of application security, exposing the flaws that lurk within the code. Discover the latest tricks of the trade, from sneaky exploits to bulletproof defenses.
    • Mastering Your Tools: Every hacker needs a trusty toolkit filled with powerful weapons of mass disruption. In this electrifying segment, meet Bishop Fox experts who are at the cutting-edge of developing tools, technologies, and methodologies which they use to uncover vulnerabilities and offer guidance to some of the most elite organizations worldwide.
    • From Hackers to Visionary Leaders: Prepare to be inspired as we shine a light on the trailblazing hackers who have risen above the rest. These visionary leaders have cracked the code of success, not only in hacking but also in making a positive impact on the cybersecurity landscape. Hear their tales of triumph, learn from their strategies, and be empowered to become a leader in your own right. 

Livestream Lineup

Captivating, Jam-Packed Schedule

2023 Q3 CAMP Event HSC Livestream Digital Lander Schedule

Say Hello to the Esteemed Experts

Featured Speakers

Phillip Wylie Headshot

Phillip Wylie

Security Solutions Specialist, CYE

Vandana Verma Headshot

Vandana Verma

Security Relations Leader, Snyk

Barrett Darnell Headshot

Barrett Darnell

Principal Security Engineer, Intuit

John Hammond Headshot

John Hammond

Cybersecurity Researcher, Educator, & Content Creator, Huntress

Joylynn Kirui Headshot

Joylynn Kirui

Senior Cloud Security Advocate, Microsoft

Matt Johansen Headshot

Matt Johansen

Principal Security Architect, Reddit

Erez Yalon Headshot

Erez Yalon

VP of Security Research, Checkmarx

Moses Frost Headshot

Moses Frost

Senior Consultant - Red Team and Cloud, Neuvik Solutions

Chloé Messdaghi Headshot

Chloé Messdaghi

Head of Threat Research, Protect AI

Chris Kirsch Headshot

Chris Kirsch

Co-Founder & CEO, runZero

Andrew Martin Headshot

Andrew Martin

Founder and CEO, ControlPlane

Savannah Lazzara, OSCP Headshot

Savannah Lazzara, OSCP

Technical Manager - Attack & Penetration, Optiv Inc.

Wesley Thurner Headshot

Wesley Thurner

Principal Security Engineer, Intuit

Leron Gray Headshot

Leron Gray

Senior Security Consultant, Bishop Fox

David Vargas Headshot

David Vargas

Sr. Security Consultant, Bishop Fox

Josh Shomo Headshot

Josh Shomo

Staff Security Engineer

Dan Petro Headshot

Dan Petro

Lead Researcher at Bishop Fox

Tom Hudson Headshot

Tom Hudson

Senior Security Consultant, Bishop Fox

Bishop Fox Experts

Meet Our Hosts

Alethe Denis Headshot

Alethe Denis

Senior Security Consultant, Bishop Fox

Lindsay Von Tish Headshot

Lindsay Von Tish

Security Consultant, Bishop Fox

Tom Eston Headshot

Tom Eston

VP of Consulting & Cosmos Delivery, Bishop Fox

Hacker Summer Camp 2023

Join us in Las Vegas for an extraordinary nine-day lineup of events during the highly anticipated Hacker Summer Camp. Bishop Fox is proud to present a diverse range of engaging activities that you won't want to miss.

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