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Spark Your Curiosity With These Security Podcasts

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Everyone seems to have a podcast these days on every topic under the sun. Information security is certainly no exception – there are endless options to choose from. We decided to compile some of our favorite podcasts focused on security in this blog post, as well as some other picks related to technology. Although not intended to be a comprehensive list, we hope this gives you some ideas for new security (and other) podcasts to start subscribing to, whether your goal is to keep up with the latest news in “cyber,” enhance your security skillset, or maybe a little of both.


  • Security ConversationsRyan Naraine’s background as a veteran of security journalism (he co-founded ThreatPost) makes him the perfect host and interviewer for some of the biggest brains in security on some of today’s most interesting topics, such as emerging attack vectors and nation-state actors.
  • Darknet Diaries – As the name suggests, @DarknetDiaries explores the “things that dwell on the hidden side of the network.” With a noir-like aesthetic, Darknet Diaries is a fascinating example of security storytelling. The podcast dives into cybercrime and related subjects, such as exploring the truth behind rather infamous breaches.
  • Cloud Security Podcast – The @cloudsecpod is an extremely useful podcast as it is incredibly thorough in the cloud-related topics it covers – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, chaos engineering, you name it. You can expect occasional forays into other areas too, like creating a well-rounded security team, so even if cloud security isn’t quite your forte, this podcast is still worth checking out.
  • Decipher from Duo Security – Similar to Security Conversations and Darknet Diaries, the @deciphersec podcast is dedicated to discussing trending security topics. Some recent episode subjects have included the DarkSide ransomware group and the rise of botnets.
  • The Shared Security Show@SharedSec is co-hosted by Bishop Fox’s Practice Director of Application Security, Tom Eston. The Shared Security Show’s format is to tackle the latest security news, offer interviews with some of the most well-known names in infosec, and provide privacy recommendations to listeners.
  • SANS Internet StormcastThe SANS Internet Stormcast is a daily podcast that lasts from 5 to 10 minutes discussing the newest security threats. No matter where your job falls on the security spectrum – or even if you’re merely a hobbyist – make sure you subscribe to this podcast ASAP to stay on top of threats as they emerge.
  • The Social Engineer PodcastEverything you could possibly need to know about the role of humans in security you can find in episodes of the Social Engineer Podcast(s). The podcast is further broken into themes, such as the Human Element and the Security Awareness series, and features a different guest in each episode.
  • Down the Security Rabbithole Started in 2011 and having recently celebrated their 450th episode, @DtSR_Podcast is one of the more established security podcasts out there. Rafal Los started this podcast with the intention to provide a “work-safe show” (keywords) that ultimately helps security professionals be better at their jobs. Fun fact: Bishop Fox has appeared several times on this podcast – here’s an episode from 2018 featuring CEO Vinnie Liu talking about the history of appsec.
  • Risky Business Risky Business has been a podcast for almost fifteen years, and in that time, they have covered a whole lot of ground. Each week, Patrick Gray and other industry figures such as Adam Boileau review the major stories pertaining to cybersecurity. It’s a handy way of getting the lowdown on breaking infosec news so that you’re always in the know (and don’t get fatigued from following too many resources).
  • Infosec Prep Podcast – Finally, if you’re new to security, you may want to give this podcast a listen to get a sense of what it’s like to work in the industry and the tools you need to be successful. One of the most recent episodes is actually an AMA with Bishop Fox employees, which you can listen to here.


If you’d like to branch out beyond adding new security podcasts to your queue, here are some more technology-focused podcasts we enjoy. Broaden your skillset – and spark your curiosity – with the choices below.

  • Kubernetes Podcast from Google – Kubernetes is a constantly evolving area in technology that is becoming increasingly in demand, and if you want to learn more about it, @kubernetespod is definitely a fantastic resource for familiarizing yourself with the popular open source container solution.
  • Programming Throwdown – If you have any interest in learning more about software engineering or computer programming to enhance your overall skillset, be sure to subscribe to this podcast hosted by Jason Gauci and Patrick Wheeler.
  • Unsupervised LearningThis podcast by Daniel Miessler does go into security quite a bit, but he doesn’t limit himself to any one topic. Like other podcasts mentioned above, this one is more in a news round-up format, but the commentary and analysis Miessler offers is truly one of a kind.


Because you might want to listen to some podcasts that are outside of the purely technical or security realms – after all, we assume you have other interests – take a listen to a few of our out-of-the-box picks.

  • PrehypeIf you’re interested in embracing more of an entrepreneurial mindset, give Prehype a try. The conversations featured on this podcast are pretty inspiring and might motivate you to revisit an idea or two you once had that are now just gathering dust.
  • The Daily Stoic For a taste of some ancient philosophy that lends itself to our everyday modern life, listen to The Daily Stoic, which borrows its name from the stoicism school of philosophy. The Daily Stoic can help you incorporate meditative exercises into your day-to-day routine, which can then help you keep yourself in check (and stay mindful).
  • Flash Forward PodcastThe Flash Forward Podcast walks you through different possible situations for the (perhaps not too distant) future. Even if the situations sound somewhat far-fetched, like the universe ending, this podcast goes over the hypothetical situations in fascinating detail. Plus, this podcast will inspire you to use your brain in creative ways. When you feel like learning something new, but don't want to limit yourself to only security or tech, this podcast may be just what you need.
  • Hardcore History – If you’re remotely interested in learning more about famous historic incidents (like World War II battles and the dawn of the nuclear age), then we can’t recommend Hardcore History enough. The storytelling is superb, and although the episodes tend to run long (most average a few hours), the content is so interesting that it’s easy to spend an afternoon listening to the podcast.

And there you have it: a crash course in a few of our favorite podcasts on infosec, tech, business, and some just for fun picks. Of course, like we alluded to earlier, this list isn’t at all definitive. But it should prove a good starting point if you’re looking for some more listening choices that will help you become a better security professional, stay in the know, or simply get your creative juices flowing.

Tell us what security (or other interesting) podcasts you prefer listening to – join the conversation in our Discord server, redsec!

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