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The Top 12 Hacking Influencers to Follow

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Staying in the know on the latest happenings in cybersecurity, especially from those on the frontlines and conducting cutting-edge research, is of utmost importance in today’s complex digital world. With all the different resources available on the internet, it can be difficult to keep track of what sources to look at and what topics to filter. We have created a list of our favorite cybersecurity influencers to help guide you on your journey.

Alethe Denis 

If you want to keep up to date on everything Red Teaming, Alethe Denis’ Twitter feed is the way to go. Alethe is well known for being an industry expert in social engineering. Her reposts and personal tweets keep followers in the know about security awareness, compliance, and consulting. She just recently joined the Fox Den as a member of the Red Team, and we are so thrilled to have her! Where to follow: Twitter | LinkedIn | Bishop Fox

*BONUS! Check out our interview with Alethe at DEF CON 30.*

Ashley Ruiz Quiles 

Ash is another one of our very own – she works as a security consultant here at Bishop Fox! Her Twitter keeps followers, including the younger generation interested in cybersecurity, up to date on upcoming security conferences. She’s  also an advocate of The Diana Initiative & Hacking is Not a Crime. Where to follow: Twitter

Barrett Darnell 

As a professional red teamer, Barrett Darnell’s Twitter feed is a great resource to mine information about this career path. He is an educator at the SANS Institute and leads the @RedTeamVillage, a DEF CON group that brings together information security professionals to share new tactics and techniques in offensive security. Where to follow: LinkedIn | Twitter | Discord | Bishop Fox

*BONUS! Check out our interview with Barrett at DEF CON 30.*

Binni Shah 

If you are looking for a Linux enthusiast, look no further than Binni Shah. But she has a wide range of cybersecurity interests that she enjoys sharing on her Twitter feed, including malware and kernel development which makes her Twitter a must-follow for those that enjoy following a variety of cybersecurity topics. Where to follow: Twitter | Mastodon

Chris Krebs 

Being aware of geopolitical trends is always relevant in cybersecurity no matter what role you fill. We recommend following Chris Kreb’s Twitter feed to stay up to date on global events that reverberate throughout the cybersecurity world. Where to follow: Twitter

Clint Gibler 

Clint Gibler is the Head of Security Research at r2c and holds a PhD in computer science from University of California, Davis. His research focuses on how Android applications treat private user data and detecting code reuse. Outside of his impressive academics, he runs the tl;dr sec Newsletter which provides subscribers with content like blogs, tools, conference talks, and original research.

Where to follow: LinkedIn | Twitter | GitHub


As the organizer of the Nashville DefCon, ‘Corgi’ runs an extremely humorous yet informative Twitter. Her posts focus on pen testing, but her professional interests include Microsoft Windows Internals, social engineering, open-source intelligence (OSINT), and threat intelligence/adversary emulation. She also makes super cute stickers! Where to follow: Twitter | TikTok | Sticker Shop

Marcus J. Carey 

With such a broad range of security experiences, Marcus Carey has a lot to offer as a resource, including his Tribe of Hackers book series. As the author of the children’s book “Three Little Hackers,” Carey demonstrates his passion for keeping children safe in cyberspace. If you are on the hunt for new industry opportunities, Marcus hosts a Twitter thread where security professionals can post hiring news. Where to Follow: Twitter

DFIR Matt 

Matt is the co-host of ThreatReel, a podcast that digs deep into threats impacting enterprise environments and home networks. His well-informed, interesting stories translate over to Twitter where he talks about anti-virus protection (AVP), computer security, incident response, and more! He is also an advocate of Hacking is Not a Crime. Where to follow: Twitter | LinkedIn

*BONUS! Check out our interview with Matt at DEF CON 30.*

Phillip Wylie 

With a wide variety of projects in the hopper, Phillip Wylie’s Twitter feed is always a go-to resource for hacking and pen testing wisdom! He is the host of The Hacker Factory podcast and regularly speaks at conferences around the world to educate the security community. Tune into this podcast episode to hear Philip’s conversation with Rob Ragan, Principal Researcher at Bishop Fox. Where to follow: Twitter | YouTube |Twitch

Tanya Janca 

Tanya Janca, a.k.a., SheHacksPurple, is a best-selling author, founder of We Hack Purple, and candid advocate and educator for creating secure software. Look to her Twitter feed to keep up with We Hack Purple news, upcoming speaking engagements, and mentorship in the cybersecurity community. Where to follow: Twitter |Mastodon | YouTube

*BONUS! Check out our interview with Tanya at DEF CON 30.*

Tom Hudson 

Tom “likes to fix things, make things, and teach people things.” He is extremely successful in the tech world with multiple open-source projects and security-related talks. If you like a hint of humor with your cybersecurity, you will love Tom’s Twitter feed. Tom also joined the Bishop Fox ranks in 2022 on our Cosmos team! Where to follow: Twitter | GitHub
*BONUS! Watch our AMA Session with Tom.*

Happy Researching!

The knowledge and insights these influencers have can get you on your way to better understanding the complicated and dynamic world of cybersecurity and help you to stay at the top of your game, too. If you have your own influencer recommendations, we’d love to hear them!

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