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Meet the Author

Christopher Cerne Security Consultant III

Christopher is a Security Consultant III focused on application security and hybrid application assessments at Bishop Fox. He has over a decade of experience in computer technology and is recognized in the security community for finding numerous 0-day vulnerabilities with responsible disclosures. While obtaining a B.S. degree in Computer Science at Virginia Tech (VT), Christopher studied embedded device security, worked as a teaching assistant in the Department of Computer Science, and joined the VT Cybersecurity Club (CyberVT) where he learned the basics of vulnerability research and competed in CTFs. Christopher holds a Junior Penetration Tester Certification (eJPT).

When Christopher isn’t busy conducting hybrid application assessments for Bishop Fox clients, he enjoys being outdoors, especially hiking and biking throughout the Blacksburg, Virginia area. He is also a member of VPI Cave Club.

Christopher Cerne

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