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Continuous Threat Exposure Management

Outpace Modern Adversaries with Cosmos

Cosmos is a fully managed service combining advanced attack surface management technology with expert-driven testing to help security teams quickly identify and remediate business-impacting exposures before attackers strike.

Preview of the Cosmos Attack Surface Management portal Findings and Reports section on dark mode showing findings and remediation timeline.

Harden your perimeter against rapidly evolving threats

Cosmos delivers continuous threat exposure management built for the complexity of dynamic attack surfaces.

Fortify The Perimeter

Cosmos Attack Surface Management (CASM)

Remediate business-impacting vulnerabilities and strengthen resilience against evolving perimeter threats with a fully managed service featuring advanced technology and expert-driven testing.

Protect Critical Apps

Cosmos Application Penetration Testing (CAPT)

Uncover the full spectrum of vulnerabilities with authenticated assessments and ongoing monitoring that maintains the resilience of your most critical applications against rapidly evolving threats.

Extend CASM protection

Cosmos External Penetration Testing (CEPT)

Enjoy the highest level of attack surface protection with post-exploitation to determine the business impact of exposures and annual penetration tests to meet due diligence and regulatory requirements.

Don't let incomplete solutions strain your resources

Cosmos takes on the complete exposure management process so you don't have to.

Cosmos marketecture including attack surface management, external expert-driven penetration testing, application penetration testing, and focused remediation.

Take action against the exposures that matter most

Cosmos is a fully managed service, providing expert-driven continuous security testing to identify and validate dangerous exposures proven to be disruptive to your business.

Bishop Fox Cosmos attack surface discovery platform showing domains, subdomains, hosted applications, hosted infrastructures, third-party, and networks.

gain complete perimeter visibility

Adversaries are looking for your blind spots. We ensure no asset is missed.

Delivers Comprehensive External Attack Surface Visibility
Discovers the entire external attack surface, including assets often overlooked by traditional technologies, which are prone to be targeted by adversaries.

Maps the Evolving Attack Surface
Maintains perimeter knowledge, generating a current view of your attack surface using public information and proprietary intelligence gathering.

Provides an Accurate View of Assets
Uses a team skilled in attack surface reconnaissance to validate asset ownership, ensuring a true picture of your perimeter.

Visualizes the Attack Surface
Features an intuitive user interface that enables you to understand, tag, interact with, and make informed decisions regarding assets across your attack surface.

Threat and vulnerability management solution diagram showing how Cosmos exposes vulnerable software, exposed services, subdomains takeover, credentials reuse, vulnerable configurations, information disclosures, indicators of compromise.

illuminate opportunistic threats

Not all exposures are equal. We focus on the needles, not the haystack.

Illuminates Opportunistic Threats
Focuses on the most prevalent avenues adversaries take to gain access to environments, instead of broadly scanning for all vulnerabilities, which generates overwhelming noise for your security team.

Automatically Detects Potential Exposures
Uses collected intelligence and an automated exposure reconnaissance engine to spot anomalies, abnormalities, and attack surface changes that signify potential risks.

Stays Ahead of Emerging Threats
Dedicates a specialized team of experts to proactively scout for developing threats and rapidly deploy analyzers, so at-risk assets are identified and secured before attackers can exploit them.

Diagram representing the triage of leads going simultaneously to the adversarial operations team and through the ATT&CK emulation.

Eliminate the Noise - Act Only On Validated Threats

Exploitability defines priority. That's why we test & verify every threat.

Eliminates the Triage Process
Examines every potential exposure, filtering out false positives and confirming true negatives, to ensure valuable resources are not squandered.

Validates Exposures with Expert-Driven Testing
Performs continuous penetration testing to safely evaluate the exploitability of exposures in real-world attack scenarios based on your rules of engagement.

Emulates Real-World Attacks
Recreates the actions of persistent adversaries — learning about your attack surface, linking findings, and continuously hunting for new issues — just as targeted attackers would.

Leverages Real Attacker Methods and Tools
Uses a team skilled in attack surface reconnaissance to validate asset ownership, ensuring a true picture of your perimeter.

Graphic representation of large amount of security threats identified and triaged for in-depth validation.

Extend Testing Beyond the Surface

Adversaries don't just scratch the surface, neither does the extent of our validation.

Identifies Post-Exploitation Risks
Once an exploit is verified, Cosmos can provide deeper insights into the efficacy of your defenses by safely emulating advanced attacks, including privilege escalation, lateral movement, and establishing command and control.

Tests Authenticated Application Functions
Cosmos Application Penetration Testing (CAPT) takes application security testing to new depths by executing expert-driven authenticated testing on critical web applications, exposing concealed risks inherent with authorized user access.

Satisfies Growing Regulatory Requirements
Cosmos External Penetration Testing (CEPT) offers flexible external penetration tests with letters of assessment to satisfy due diligence requirements, while illuminating the broadest spectrum of exposures.

Bishop Fox Cosmos Attack Surface Management (CASM) solution provides live collaboration on an encrypted slack channel around findings details, and testing of new targets.

Close the Window of Exploitability

Quick Action Defines Success. We Keep You Ahead of the Threat.

Targets Remediation with Actionable Findings
Delivers a focused list of validated exposures with actionable guidance and impact analysis that prioritizes issues with demonstrated potential to expose sensitive systems and data.

Extends Your Security Expertise
Provides live communication and access to testers via a dedicated and encrypted Slack channel. Testers are available to answer client inquiries, support further validation, and conduct testing against new targets and areas of interest, as requested.

Confirms Assets Are No Longer Susceptible
Testers are available on demand to validate that exposures have been fully remediated and are no longer susceptible to compromise.

Delivers Deep Insights
Provides a centralized view of your Cosmos team's findings and analysis. Insights include attack surface data, findings impact analysis, remediation guidance, and a prioritized list of critical and high-severity issues.

don't let incomplete solutions put you at risk

Our difference. Your outcomes.

Attack surface discovery icon.

Gain full spectrum visibility

Cosmos maintains an accurate and up-to-date view of the attack surface, ensuring all potential threats are uncovered.

Yield Icon.

Uncover every potential exposure

Cosmos finds opportunistic threats that are actively targeted in real-world attacks, especially those that can be leveraged in more intricate attack chains.

Icon Noise Filtration

Eliminate wild goose chases

Cosmos takes on the triage process, removing unnecessary distractions so your team can concentrate on the exposures that matter most.


Act only on exploitable threats

Cosmos emulates the latest attack strategies with expert-driven continuous pen testing, ensuring every alert you receive is tied to a real threat.

Icon of a process flow on dark purple.

Identify internal systems at risk

Cosmos extends the depth of expert-driven testing to illuminate risks associated with authorized user access and post-exploitation activities.

Icon of a target.

Focus on the exposures that matter

Cosmos assigns ratings based on potential access to sensitive systems and data, focusing action on the most critical and business-impacting exposures.

Icon Pie Chart Process

Close the window of exploitability

Cosmos keeps your team ahead of the threat with prescriptive guidance, on-demand retesting, and live access to testers.

Icon for security integration.

Fortify your security posture

Cosmos helps strengthen the perimeter while shedding light on internal vulnerabilities, enabling you to improve resilience over time.

Gigaom 2024 Radar report preview for attack surface management solutions.

Discover an Award-Winning Difference

Cosmos a "Leader" in GigaOm ASM Radar for 3rd Year in a Row

In its assessment of the top Attack Surface Management providers, GigaOm once again named Bishop Fox a Leader and Fast Mover for its Cosmos solution. 

"Bishop Fox’s positioning as a Leader in the Maturity/Platform Play quadrant on the Radar reflects its well-established presence in the market, combined with a comprehensive and reliable platform-based approach to ASM."

Cosmos earned scores of "Superior" to "Exceptional" across all Business Criteria evaluated by the analyst firm — including Flexibility, Scalability, Cost, and Ease of Use. Read the report to learn more.

Experience the difference

We're proud to be recognized as a leader in offensive security by these organizations.

Gigaom Radar Award badge 2024 for the Attack Surface Managment leader.
GigaOm radar report 2024 badge for fast mover.
Global Infosec Awards Winner 2023
Bishop Fox winner of the 2021 SC award for best emerging technology.
Bishop Fox winner of the Stevie Silver Awards 2022.
FastCompany Logo on yellow background with Best Workplaces for Innovators 2022 award

Are you ready? Start defending forward.

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