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Vendor Assessment

Google & Alphabet Vendor Security Assessment (VSA)

The Vendor Security Assessment (VSA) program is a collaborative effort to protect vendors, suppliers, and partners by increasing the security and privacy of applications, networks, and systems that integrate with the Google and Alphabet ecosystems.

Supporting Google & Alphabet Vendors' Security

Google mentions Bishop Fox as an assessor that provides "in-depth, manual security assessment of a defined scope" with the goal of testing the security of applications integrating with the Google and Alphabet ecosystems.

While the exact coverage of these tests depends on the project, product, or service you're delivering, our team can help define and recommend a customized assessment appropriate to your project.

Testing usually falls into the following areas:

Infrastructure penetration testing

  • Public facing IP Ranges
  • Server security
  • Cloud security

Application penetration testing

  • Web Application
  • API/REST Interface
  • Chrome Extension testing

For more detailed guidance on Google's penetration test requirements, including information about scoping and testing methodology, please see Google's Testing Guidelines.

Please note that automated vulnerability scanning/testing, and Bug Bounty and Vulnerability Rewards Programs are not replacements for penetration tests.

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Why Bishop Fox

We got a "World-Class" NPS Score of +87 on our Google Partner Security Assessments over the last 12 months.


Deep Experience

Our Team's technical depth and expertise means we can tailor every solution or project to your unique requirements.


We Do One Thing

Companies that specialize in offensive security provide better penetration tests than companies that propose entirely unrelated services.


Senior Attention

Senior consultants drive service delivery, and we are committed to every project’s success. You won’t be handed off to a junior team.


Dan Blake, Chief Technology Officer at Aspire Software

We’re working toward our evolutionary security goals and continuing to level up our security program. Working with Bishop Fox helped us get that vision in place.

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