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Bishop Fox Live from RSAC 2024

Wednesday May 8, 2024 
10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. PT

Live on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube & Discord

Join us for our 2nd Annual Bishop Fox RSAC Livestream event - an electrifying convergence where innovation meets expertise in the realm of cybersecurity. Bringing together an exclusive assembly of 15+ distinguished cybersecurity minds, this event is a must-attend opportunity for the leaders, managers, and visionaries steering the future of cybersecurity.

Immerse yourself in an environment where cutting-edge insights, strategic leadership methodologies, and the sheer enthusiasm for the future of tech security pulsate through every session. Join us in shaping the next chapter of cybersecurity, where the exchange of knowledge sparks inspiration and camaraderie among the elite in the field.

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Bishop Fox at RSAC 2024

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Hear from 15+ Renowned Cyber Leaders & Experts

Tune In As We Explore:

    • Scaling Enterprise Application Security: Navigate the complexities of modern enterprise ecosystems with this session, offering a deep-dive into the hurdles of ensuring application resilience, performance, and scalability amidst continuous growth.
    • Navigating the Maze of IAM in the Cloud: Address the challenges of IAM within cloud environments, exploring the balance between user convenience and stringent security measures. Experts will discuss the latest trends and technologies in IAM, from multi-factor authentication to zero trust architectures, and how these can be implemented to secure cloud-based resources effectively.
    • Cyber Intel & IR Readiness: Dissect the intricacies of crafting and executing elite cybersecurity intelligence strategies, as well as developing robust incident response mechanisms to preempt, address, and mitigate cyber incidents efficiently.
    • The Future with AI: Examine the multifaceted relationship between humans and AI, focusing on ethical alignment, the phenomenon of digital hallucinations, and the imperative of fostering early-stage friendships with AGI, mirroring human childhood development.
    • Boards & Assesing Cybersecurity Resilence: Cyber risks continue to grow for organizations, and while most boards and senior executives acknowledge the threats posed by attacks, they often struggle to objectively assess the comprehensiveness and success of their organization’s cybersecurity programs. Get an overview into the top questions Boards should ask to understand if their organizations are cyber resilient.
    • And Much More!

Livestream Lineup

Captivating, Jam-Packed Schedule


Say Hello to the Esteemed Experts

Featured Speakers

Daniel Wallance Headshot

Daniel Wallance

Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

Dave Lewis Headshot

Dave Lewis

IANs Faculty Member and Former Cisco Global Adivsory CISO, Liquidmatrix

David Etue Headshot

David Etue

Principal, Cylent Knights LLC

Charrah Hardamon Headshot

Charrah Hardamon

Head of Marketing, Riscosity

John Hammond Headshot

John Hammond

Principal Security Researcher, Huntress

Komal Dhull Headshot

Komal Dhull

Founding Software Engineer, P0 Security

Matt Johansen Headshot

Matt Johansen

Head of Software Security, Reddit, Inc.

Robin Franklin Guha Headshot

Robin Franklin Guha

Security Engineer, Meta

Nick Selby Headshot

Nick Selby

Executive Vice President, Evertas

Rita Gurevich Headshot

Rita Gurevich

CEO & Founder, SPHERE Technology Solutions

Robert Hansen Headshot

Robert Hansen

Managing Director, Grossman Ventures

Matt Keeley Headshot

Matt Keeley

Senior Application Security Engineer II, SeatGeek

Nate Lee Headshot

Nate Lee

CISO & Principal,

Bishop Fox Experts

Meet Our Hosts

Tom Eston Headshot

Tom Eston

VP of Consulting & Cosmos Delivery, Bishop Fox

Matt Twells Headshot

Matt Twells

Senior Solutions Architect Bishop Fox

RSA Conference 2024

Bishop Fox is hosting a variety of events during this special week of RSA Conference. Check out all the details, and come join us!

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