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Bishop Fox Social Engineering Methodology

Download our methodology to see how we approach social engineering engagements.

Preview of Bishop Fox Social Engineering methodology.

Putting Your Defenses to the Ultimate Test

Bishop Fox’s social engineering methodology explores the depths of how hackers can exploit your users, offering unique insights to refine your security awareness program. By emulating all the stages of social engineering attacks – from pretexting to lure creation and payload delivery – Bishop Fox’s elite Red Team consultants provide you a clear understanding how sophisticated social engineering techniques are executed and just how much damage is possible from a successful attack.

This methodology provides an overview of how we approach social engineering engagements, including:

  • Pre-Assessment
    • Engagement kickoff meeting & scope agreement
    • Open-source intelligence gathering
    • Pretext development
    • Content & payload development
    • Engagement scheduling
  • Testing
    • Domain allowlisting (if necessary/in-scope)
    • Active testing
    • Two-way communication during testing & "ride along" (optional)
    • Preliminary results
  • Report
    • Post-engagement meeting
    • Recommendations

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