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2023 GigaOm Radar for Attack Surface Management

This report is one of a series of documents that helps IT organizations assess competing Attack Surface Management solutions in the context of well-defined features and criteria.

Preview of the GigaOm Radar Report on Attack Surface management with the author's headshot, Chris Ray.

Learn about the rapidly evolving landscape of Attack Surface Management (ASM) solutions, and how to select the best one for your organization’s needs.

In this GigaOm report, analyst Chris Ray presents a data-driven analysis of 18 ASM solutions, focusing on key criteria and vital evaluation factors that impact the value those solutions have to the organization.  

Bishop Fox is proud to not only be included in the assessment, but also to be named a Leader for the second year in a row, based on the evaluation of our Cosmos platform.

“The Cosmos platform delivers broad, powerful discovery features that underpin all other capabilities. This solution uses a hybrid approach, combining humans with ML in all stages to deliver a unified, comprehensive ASM solution.”

GigaOm Radar Report 2023 on attack surface management solutions

Chris Ray Headshot

About the author, Chris Ray

GigaOm Analyst

Chris Ray is a veteran of the cyber security domain. He has a collection of experiences ranging from small teams to large financial institutions. Additionally, Chris has worked in healthcare, manufacturing & tech. More recently he has acquired an extensive amount of experience advising and consulting with security vendors, helping them find product-market fit as well as deliver cyber security services.

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