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Defending Forward

Go on the Offensive Against Healthcare Cyber Attacks

Bishop Fox deploys the top minds in offensive security and cutting-edge technology to protect critical healthcare systems and sensitive patient data from sophisticated threat actors — before they can strike.

Customer Story on how Bishop Fox is helping Change Healthcare evolve their security posture.

Better Security for Better Patient Outcomes

Fortifying the Security and Resilience of the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare data breaches are at an all-time high, with ransomware attacks and phishing scams increasingly prevalent. The critical nature of the industry, along with troves of personal data and complex supply chains, make it a prime target for modern adversaries.

Bishop Fox levels the playing field against threat actors by putting healthcare institutions on the offensive. With two decades of offensive security leadership and deep industry experience, our highly skilled experts rigorously test your cyber defenses, uncovering vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by cybercriminals, malicious insiders, or unsuspecting employees. 

Our customized engagements are designed to meet your priorities, so you can be confident in the security of your applications, networks, cloud environments, and devices. Put your defenses to the ultimate test with our Red Team services, including ransomware readiness, social engineering, and physical penetration testing scenarios. For continuous threat exposure management, our Cosmos managed service combines advanced attack surface management with expert-driven testing to harden your perimeter against rapidly evolving threats.

Preview of the cover page of the Offensive Security blueprint for Healthcare.

Industry Report

The Offensive Security Blueprint for Healthcare Services

Drawn from the results of the Ponemon Institute's 2023 State of Offensive Security Report, this analysis of healthcare respondents provides a comprehensive view of the most prevalent offensive security practices in the sector and how mature security organizations are combating modern adversaries.

How we help

Battle-tested solutions to strengthen security across your organization.

Innovate With Confidence

AI/ML Security Assessments

Bishop Fox helps safeguard complex AI/ML ecosystems against sophisticated threats, so you can reap the rewards of this new technology while minimizing the risks.

Build Safer Apps

Application Security

We cover the full spectrum of application security testing across the software development lifecycle. From deep source code review to application penetration testing and mobile app assessments, we put your security to the test & improve your DevSecOps.

Get Complete Visibility

Attack Surface Management

Cosmos, our continuous offensive security platform, proactively defends dynamic attack surfaces by combining advanced technology, automation, and expert-driven testing to identify and assess high-risk exposures before attackers even know they exist.

Protect Hosted Environments

Cloud Penetration Testing

With a complete testing methodology that extends beyond configuration reviews, we illuminate high-risk entry points, overprivileged access, and susceptible internal pathways commonly targeted by attackers in AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure cloud environments.

Evaluate Your Readiness

Incident Response Preparedness

We immerse key stakeholders in realistic threat scenarios customized specifically for your organization to accurately evaluate your incident response readiness.

Safeguard Infrastructure

Network Penetration Testing

Our experts simulate real-world attack scenarios from every angle to uncover vulnerabilities and validate security controls, revealing your exposures and the impact on your oragnization.

Be Ready For Anything

Ransomware Readiness

Using the latest intelligence, attacker TTPs, and world-class experience, we conduct comprehensive assessments of your resilience to ransomware threats, so you can validate your controls, refine your playbooks, and communicate effectively to your executives and the Board.

Spar With The Best

Red Teaming

Bishop Fox partners with you to define customized Red Team engagements aligned to your objectives, combining one or more methodologies: zero/ partial/full-knowledge assessments; assumed/external/physical breach; purple team; red team program build; and more.

Challenge Your Defenses

Social Engineering

We go beyond conventional phishing exercises to emulate every stage of a social engineering attack and explore the depths of how bad actors can exploit your employees, delivering critical insights for improving your security awareness programs, and email and file security controls.

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Whether you know exactly which services you need or want help in figuring out what solution is best for your healthcare organization, we can help.

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