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Rhett Greenhagen To Deliver Keynote at BSides Tampa

Past Event
Tampa, Florida
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Bishop Fox Senior Security Associate Rhett Greenhagen was the closing keynote at BSides Tampa in February. Watch his talk below:

Attacking the data before the decision


Machine learning and artificial intelligence are emerging as leading technologies when it comes to how data is ingested into graph database management systems such as Neo4j, MongoDB, Cassandra, ArangoDB, Orient DB, Titan, JanusGraph, etc.. One way to manipulate this data leverages said technologies: adversarial modeling/machine learning. And, yes, the bad guys know about it.

In this talk, I’ll share examples of how nation-state actors and cybercriminals are using this method – and how you can defend yourself. Did you know, for example, that cybercriminals work closely with fraud rings to mitigate fraud detection algorithms? Learning how these attacks unfold is critical to preventing them.

Attendees will walk away with the knowledge of how malicious hackers can use both simple and advanced attack methods – and armed with the knowledge to protect themselves, too.
Rhett's previous speaking engagements:
  • Co-Speaker at CanSecWest, Vancouver, Canada, 03/2020 - Topic "Funneling Trust: Designing Better Database Access"
  • Keynote Speaker at BSides Tampa, FL, 02/2020 - Topic "Attacking the Data Before the Decision"
  • Speaker at Blackhat 2018, Las Vegas, NV - Topic "Weaponizing Autism for the workplace"
  • Speaker at BsidesTLV, Tel Aviv, Israel - Topic "The spies who didn't love me"
  • Speaker at ThotCcon 0x9, Chicago, IL- Topic "The spies who didn't love me"
  • Trainer at DEEPSEC 17, Vienna, Austria - Class "How to be a ghost: Developing secure architecture for security research"
  • Speaker at DEEPSEC 17, Vienna, Austria - Topic "Skiptracing for fun and profit"
  • Honor descriptionSpeaker at Cyber Warfare Summit 2013 : Topic "Cyber Intelligence in Dynamic Data Fusion for Future Sensored Networks"
  • Speaker at SECURE 2017, Warsaw, Poland - Topic "Skiptracing for fun and profit"
  • Speaker at BsidesLV, Las Vegas, NV - Topic "Skiptracing for fun and profit"
  • Speaker at DEFCON25- Recon Village, Las Vegas, NV - Topic "Skiptracing for fun and profit"
  • Speaker at GrrCON, Grand Rapids, MI - Topic "Skiptracing for fun and profit"
  • Speaker at HOU.SEC.CON 7, Houston, TX - Topic: "Skiptracing for fun and profit"
  • Speaker at NFH, Dallas, TX - Topic: "Anti-Incident Response"
  • Speaker at DELTA RISK (Foundations of Cyber Conflict), Arlington VA - Topic: "The art of exploitation: Host-based intrusion bypassing"
  • Speaker at 4th Annual Information Warfare Summit - OKC - Topic: "Virtual Forensics"
  • Speaker at 5th Annual Information Warfare Summit - OKC - Topic: "Deception- Counter-intelligence within the network"
  • Speaker at 8th Annual Information Warfare Summit - OKC - Topic: "Indicators of Compromise: Manipulating data sets for automated intelligence"
  • Speaker at Information Assurance Symposium - Topic: "Cyber Intelligence outside the IC community"
  • Speaker at DEFCON 21 Skytalks - Topic "How to hide from the FBI"
  • Speaker at DHC-Security , Topic "UPnP IGD hacking"


About the speaker, Rhett Greenhagen

Senior Security Associate

Rhett Greenhagen was a Senior Security Associate at Bishop Fox, where he served as a member of the research and development team. Rhett has over a decade of red teaming and network security experience. His focuses encompass open source intelligence, cyber counterintelligence, profiling, exploitation, and malware analysis in addition to technical research and development. An accomplished speaker, Rhett has spoken at numerous conferences, such as Black Hat USA and DEF CON on a variety of security and related topics.

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