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Tom Eston & Barry MacLaughlin to Present at BSidesLV 2023

August 8-9, 2023
Tuscany Suites & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Bishop Fox is proud to present at the 2023 BSides Las Vegas conference. Security experts Tom Eston, AVP of Consulting and Cosmos, and Barry MacLaughlin, Senior Director of Recruiting, will speak to management of hackers and securing teams, as well as the landscape of hiring in the cybersecurity industry.

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"Management Hacking 102: Personalities, Empathy, and Difficult Conversations​"

Why do some employees act and communicate very differently than others? Could you have been more empathetic with a challenging employee? How does your team deal with change and why do we avoid difficult conversations? No matter how long you've been a leader, eventually you'll be faced with these situations and unfortunately they don't get any easier to deal with.

Last year in Management Hacking 101, we discussed the fundamentals of managing and leading teams such as coaching, hiring, evaluating performance, and understanding emotional intelligence. In this talk we'll dive deeper into four of the most important areas that all leaders need to know more about: understanding the personalities, relationships, and motivations of our employees, how we can be more empathetic with the people we lead, guiding employees through the change cycle, and how to have difficult conversations.

Join Tom Eston, VP of Consulting & Cosmos at Bishop Fox, as he shares his personal lessons and stories from years of leading teams on these topics so you can become a better manager and leader.

"It's All About Talent"

In this session, Barry MacLaughlin, Senior Director of Recruiting, delves into the critical aspects of talent acquisition and career advancement within the cybersecurity industry. It's designed to equip attendees with the essential knowledge, tools, and strategies required for a successful job hunt and career progression in the cybersecurity domain. With a focus on both entry-level and experienced professionals, this session offers valuable insights into the current cybersecurity hiring landscape and explores the various avenues for career growth and development.

Tom Eston

About the speaker, Tom Eston

VP of Consulting and Cosmos at Bishop Fox

Tom Eston is the VP of Consulting and Cosmos at Bishop Fox. Tom's work over his 15 years in cybersecurity has focused on application, network, and red team penetration testing as well as security and privacy advocacy. He has led multiple projects in the cybersecurity community, improved industry standard testing methodologies and is an experienced manager and leader. He is also the founder and co-host of the podcast The Shared Security Show; and a frequent speaker at user groups and international cybersecurity conferences including Black Hat, DEF CON, DerbyCon, SANS, InfoSec World, OWASP AppSec, and ShmooCon.
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Barry MacLaughlin light gray

About the speaker, Barry MacLaughlin

Senior Director of Recruiting

Barry MacLaughlin is an accomplished Senior Director of Recruiting, where his hands-on approach and deep understanding of the industry enable him to implement effective talent acquisition strategies. He is dedicated to identifying and securing top talent capable of thriving in rapidly expanding organizations. Barry's expertise lies in fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce that can effectively navigate the dynamic challenges of the technology sector.

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