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Alissa Gilbert (dnsprincess) to Present at GRRCon

Friday, October 14, 2022
DeVos Place, Grand Rapids, MI
GrrCon Hacker Conference logo with green Trex on an island with two palm trees. Alissa Gilbert (dnsprincess) to Present at GRRCon.

GRRCon is a Michigan-based information security and hacking conference put together to provide the community with a venue to come together and share ideas, information, solutions, forge relationships, and most importantly engage with like minded people in a fun atmosphere without all the elitist “Diva” nonsense. GRRCon brings together the CISO, the hacker, the security practitioner, and the researcher in a one-of-a-kind experience you CANNOT get elsewhere. Bishop Fox's Alissa Gilbert is a speaker at this year's event, and they are discussing the origins of malware (as seen below).

"Hey Ma, Where Does Malware Come From?"

This talk discusses malware writing, sharing, and malware-as-a-service. Who writes malware, how does it find its targets, and is there a customer service line if your malware doesn’t work? These answers and more as Alissa explains the lifecycle of malware and how to get some malware yourself! Woo! Now that you know where the malware came from, what can you do about it to improve your defenses? Come see. Oh and the password is infected.

Alissa Gilbert BF Headshot

About the speaker, Alissa Gilbert (dnsprincess)

Solutions Architect

Alissa Gilbert is a solutions architect at Bishop Fox. They appreciate teaching and leading others through community involvement and speaking. Alissa has been featured at GrrCON, ThotCon, and ShmooCon speaking on topics like breaking and entering, physical security, digital forensics, anti-forensics, and malware. They organize CircleCityCon, a hacker conference in Indianapolis focusing on professionals, students, and hackers in the community. Alissa's skills in wireless security led to their adventures wardriving and compromising wireless networks. They also mentor new security professionals, bridging the gap from learning to landing their first infosec job. Alissa is always looking forward to the next area of research to share, and continues to explore the depths of offensive security.

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