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Our new series brings together CISOs, industry authorities, and analysts in conversation to provide perspectives to help you navigate the rapidly changing cyber landscape and inform the decisions you make for your organization.

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Title" How the new National Cybersecurity Strategy Will Shape the Future of Offensive Security featuring headshot of Evan Wolf, Justin Greis, and Vinnie Liu.

Special Event

How the New National Cybersecurity Strategy Will Shape the Future of Offensive Security

Join Bishop Fox for a fireside chat with renowned cybersecurity experts – Evan Wolff & Justin Greis. We’ll discuss how new proposed regulations will impact offensive security initiatives, both short- and long-term.


Explore Cybersecurity Leadership through multiple lenses.

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Cybersecurity CISOs on Securing Themselves

This session explores the unique challenges and advantages cybersecurity companies have in securing themselves, how they develop comprehensive programs and priorities, and how the business they are in informs their own security strategy.

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Cyber-focused Investor Insights

Get perspectives from leading cyber-focused investors on current trends and greenfield opportunities, how they think about creating a portfolio of cyber companies, and advice for prospective founders and start-ups.

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Security Founders on Inspiration & Innovation

Hear from founders reshaping our industry on what inspired them to develop new solutions to important problems, how they approach leadership internally and externally, and how they continually spark innovation while scaling.

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CISOs, C-Suite, and Boards

Discover how successful CISOs and security leaders effectively communicate with their boards and C-suites, engage them in improving security posture, and ensure they are armed with the right information to articulate their needs.

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