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Vendor Security Assessment

Google Partner 2021 Recertification

Welcome back to the Google OAuth Partner Security Program. We are please to collaborate with you again and support you during your annual recertification process.

Updates concerning your annual 2021 recertifications

Google has announced enforcement of their Google APIs Services User Data Policy for 2021. Developers will need to reverify their apps and recertify their Letter of Assessment (LOA) to comply with this policy annually.

Google has divided partner recertification into 9 batches and will be reaching out to developers individually providing dates, milestones and expiration deadlines. Please be sure to update your GCP console with current Project Owner and Project Editor accounts.

For re-verification of an app, developers do not submit through GCP (this is only for new apps), but rather reply back to Google’s enforcement email and complete the two Google Trust & Safety requirements:

  1. Limited Use compliance or disclosure
  2. Self-attestation of no major changes to the application or restricted scope usage, or provide a demo video showcasing the changes for review

To get started on your recertification and talk to your account manager, please fill the form on the right.

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Aspire software case study detail
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Aspire chooses Bishop Fox for their Google Partner Security Assessment

When they needed a security assessment to meet the requirements of the Google Partner Security Program, Aspire came to Bishop Fox. Bishop Fox evaluated their application, Azure environment, and external perimeter. As a result, the Aspire team satisfied Google's requirements.

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