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Getting Red Teaming Right: A How-to Guide

Modern enterprises prepare for when, not if, a significant cyber intrusion will occur. Persistent threats put reputation and revenue streams at risk, making security readiness against complex threats an increasingly critical priority from the top down.

But where to begin? Read our eBook to learn how Red Teaming can provide the ultimate training ground for your defenses, assessing how well (or not) intrusions are detected and how an attacker can move throughout your network to achieve exfiltration.

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Be Confident in Your Response to the Toughest Threats

Why Red Teaming? Look to our eBook for an overview of our Red Teaming practice, approaches and methodologies tailored to each engagement, why Red Teaming differs from traditional penetration testing, and detailed results and recommendations your defenders can use to mitigate intrusion access to proven attack paths.

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99% of global security professionals have increased their security investments as a result of Red Team exercises.

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62% of Blue Teams say they sometimes, rarely, or never catch Red Teams.

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49% of global security professionals report the need for improvement in threat detection skills.


The Ultimate Test for Your Blue Team

Don’t just assemble a defensive security posture – test it against the exact threats you are working to prevent. Red Teams use threat intelligence to emulate adversarial motivations and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) against your Blue Team, forging paths of least resistance into your attack surface and infrastructure. Identify a trophy – sensitive information that adversaries want access to.


View Your Defenses Through a New Lens

Red Teaming is a sequential five-stage offensive security solution built on a foundation of thorough planning and communication to accurately simulate breach scenarios. Each stage of the Red Team engagement cycle is a building block upon which to achieve the final objective – improved defender readiness against intrusion paths and attacker objectives in real-world breaches. For a deeper dive into each stage, download the eBook.

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On-Demand Webcast

Hear Insights from the Experts

Watch our exclusive webcast with Trevin Edgeworth, Red Teaming Practice Director of Bishop Fox, and Mark MacDonald, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, to learn how Red teaming can help identify security gaps, test attack scenarios (like ransomware) and optimize spend on your security tools as budgets tighten.


Find Attack Paths Before the Adversaries Do

Whether ransomware is knocking at your door, or nation-state threat actors target your sensitive data, Red Teaming provides your defenders with the tools and training to win the fight against these dangerous threats. Decrease your odds of damage - defend forward with Red Teaming to map attack paths to breaches before the adversaries find them. We hope this eBook stacks the odds in your favor to boost readiness against the worst-case scenario attacks putting your organization at risk.

— The Bishop Fox Team

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