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Fuzzing: Get the buzz on fuzz testing in software development

This slide deck includes:

  • Fuzzing Basics
  • How Fuzzing Works
  • Popular Fuzzing Tools
Cover slide of presentation: What Bad could Happen? Managing Application risk with Threat Modeling
Slide Deck

Managing Application Security Risk with Threat Modeling

Cover slide deck expose yourself without insecurity blackhat arsenal 2020
Slide Deck

SmogCloud: Expose Yourself Without Insecurity - Cloud Breach Patterns

Black Hat USA 2020 presentation looks at pragmatic ways to answer vital security questions in your AWS environment.

Cover page .net roulette exploiting insecure deserialization in Telerik ui
Slide Deck

.Net Roulette Exploiting Insecure Deserialization in Telerik UI

DerpCon 2020 presentation reviews how .NET deserialization works and how to get shells on real applications.

Screen Shot 2022 05 07 at 10 20 00 AM
Slide Deck

Ham Hacks: Breaking Into the World of Software-Defined Radio

This DerpCon 2020 presentation explores how to find, capture, and reverse-engineer RF signals.

Slide deck cover of Demystifying Capture the Flags (CTFs) presentation by Barrett Darnell
Slide Deck

Demystifying Capture the Flags (CTFs)

DerpCon 2020 presentation on CTF formats, the skills they require, and the experience they develop.

Cover page expose yourself without insecurity bsides atlanta 2020
Slide Deck

Expose Yourself Without Insecurity: Cloud Breach Patterns

Presentation from BSides Atlanta 2020 explores the unprecedented level of exposures in the Cloud and how they can be found.

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Cover slide attacking the data before the decision Rhett Greenhagen
Slide Deck

Attacking the Data Before the Decision

Presentation from BSides Tampa 2020 explores the vulnerabilities of machine learning systems and how to mitigate them.

Cover slide how to write like it's your job
Slide Deck

How to Write Like It's Your Job

Presentation from BSides San Francisco 2020 offers practical advice for security writers.

Cover slide of presentation ZigDiggity: ZigBee Hacking Toolkit with black hat, Defcon, Bishop Fox and ZigDiggity logos
Slide Deck

ZigDiggity: ZigBee Hacking Toolkit

Presentation from Black Hat USA 2019 reveals an open-source pentest arsenal for Zigbee networks.

Cover slide ghost in the browser broad-scale espionage with bitsquatting oscar salazar rob ragan of bishop fox
Slide Deck

Ghost In The Browser - Broad-Scale Espionage With Bitsquatting

Presentation from Kapersky SAS 2019 on an unfortunate side effect to achieving HTTPS everywhere and learn what can be done to mitigate the risk.

Presentation cover slide on reverse engineering of mobile applications
Slide Deck

Reverse Engineering Mobile Apps

Presentation from BSides Las Vegas 2019 demonstrates the successful exploitation of transit system mobile apps.

Cover slide Ferris Bueller singing into microphone
Slide Deck

Twist & Shout: Ferris Bueller's Guide to Abuse Domain Permutations

Presentation from Sqr00t 2019 explores the ins and outs of domain abuse, and how to prevent it.

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